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Ocean City Labor Day Weekend Events

In addition to incredible Italian food from our restaurant near Ocean City we give you this quick rundown of some things to do over labor day weekend in Ocean City. From Fireworks to high flying aerial acrobatics, there is something for everyone this labor day in Maryland’s Ocean City Resort Area.

OCMD Labor Day Fireworks

Save a little money and watch an incredible fireworks display on Saturday from North Division Street Beach. This is located on the Ocean City Boardwalk between the Inlet and 27th Street

What to expect on the Ocean City Boardwalk

Prepare for an elaborate and exciting display you can see right from the Boardwalk. The show will include:

•Laser effects

•Light show




•Dazzling special effects

And of course you have to have the 5 story beach ball to top it all off which is displayed on a 5 story tall giant beach ball.

Have you wondered how much work goes into the Labor Day Pyrotechnics Display at Ocean City Boardwalk?

I pulled this clip from their site. It is a big production to get ready for the show


ocean city beach lights labor day

And of course for the best Italian food in Ocean City make a short trek to Mancini’s Restaurant just over the Ocean City border to the north in Fenwick Island

OC Maryland Wings and Wheels Expo

It is a gear heads dream if they are in Ocean City Maryland for the Labor Day holiday. Incredible private aircraft, restored cars, and of course rough and tumble military vehicles will be on display. Naturally if you have questions the proprietors of the cars will be available

Cost of the exhibits/ Show

$5 with children under the age of 12 are FREE

Location and Time

September 3rd


Ocean City Airport


Take your pick for high quality musical entertainment. You have

  • Ladies For Liberty
  • Randy Ashcroft and Saltwater Cowboys

The Ladies For Liberty are a throwback band to the musical trios of the early years of the 1940s. Their style is like the Andrews Sisters, combining class and rhythm to entertain our thousands of troops overseas as well as the public supporting them at home

Randy Ashcroft is an Eastern Shore country style band with this own unique musical stylings.

Of Note: Who Are The Ladies For Liberty

Living history meets live entertainment: Ladies For Liberty

Experience a musical style that really hasn’t been heard since the 1940s. It is as much a part of the era as it is musical expression. As the whole of the United States was focused on the war effort in every aspect of American life, every area of American life reflected it. Notice the uniforms of this throwback band, indicative of a time when the Greatest Generation was in uniform, serving their country.


Comfort foods will be available by multiple vendors as well as beer

Parking Options

Complimentary shuttle from the parking lot that is FREE. Did I say the parking was FREE?

Bayside North Park in North Ocean City Movie Night

The only thing better than a good movie is a free movie in a beautiful park during the summer. If that appeals to you than be at Bayside North Park at 8:30 on the 3rd for a FREE movie. Bring something to sit on. Refreshments will be for sale, including popcorn.

See you there

Labor Day Weekend Ocean City: Day 2

If you missed the fireworks from the previous night, you have another chance for OCMD fireworks at the OC Boardwalk. Or if you were dazzled, come see it again. It is the same location as the other fireworks show and just as exciting. You will see lasers, lights, and pyrotechnics come to life as you enjoy this Labor Day Weekend Show

And of course for the best Italian food in Ocean City make a short trek to Mancini’s Restaurant just over the Ocean City border to the north in Fenwick Island