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Real Italian Versus American Italian..?

It seems with Italian food, and many other types of ethnic cooking around the world, there is disdain for the way Americans change their recipes. When it comes to food, especially Italian food, we really are a melting pot. And to the average American this is a good thing. Our Italian dishes are flavorful and popular. In fact, many people probably think American Italian is Italian.

Like every other thing involving food in American society we have commercialized, syndicated it, and put it on every television or video device imaginable through advertisements for sauces, pasta, recipes, and chain restaurants. But there is a grumbling that it is not Italian, not real Italian food anyway.

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For critics of American Italian, this North American interpretation should not even be Italian, or traditional Italian. My response to to this:

What is traditional Italian?

Traditional Italian is obviously food from mainland Italy or it’s coastal islands. No disputing that. But the foods did not start there. Tomatoes came from South America. Pasta was invented from China. It was brought there from other countries and adopted to become modern Italian. Wait a minute. What did they eat before pasta and tomatoes? And spices came from other areas as well. What did they eat before these key ingredients.  Sounds like they fused ingredients and methods from other places. This reminds me of something.

American Italian Fused Ingredients From Italy And America

America did not start with Italian food, Traditional, Modern, Or Americanized. The methods and ingredients were brought here. In a new land, with different ingredients to integrate, a new version of Italian food was formed. In I don’t think there are a lot of truly indigenous dishes. The world is a melting pot, literally.

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Back To The Question Of American Italian

So I guess I could accuse traditional Italian of not being traditional at all. It came from ingredients that were not in Italy. But I won’t. Because it proves the point. American Italian is Italian. It is a version of Italian food, but almost all foods are just version of the originals.

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