Ocean City Pizza

Ocean City Brick Oven Pizza And Classic Pizza Crust

If someone ever comes to Ocean City, Maryland and says they did not see many pizza places or pizza restaurants I would conclude a few possible explanations:

1-They were not in Ocean City Maryland

2-They have never seen pizza

3-They had their eyes closed on the Coastal Highway

Ocean City Maryland, like just about any other place in the United States has lots of places to get pizza and the reason is simple. Americans have an insatiable appetite for pizza. Simply put there seems to be no limit to the number of ways to eat pizza, the types of pizza you can get, the places to buy it, the toppings you can put on it, and not to be ignored, the types of crust.

A lot of pizza places

Nothing tops the brick oven. Put simply the crust has crispiness but is not dried out. The non technical term for brick oven pizza is “delicious”. But the love of pizza can span more than just one type of pizza. Brick oven is just one type of pizza, albeit the best one (slight bias on my part). But it does touch on a subject. Crust matters..

Pizza Crust Matters..In Ocean City And Beyond

Yes fresh garden tomatoes, dairy fresh cheese, deli toppings, and love are all critical components to great pizza. But you just cannot neglect the crust. The crust is the cradle that holds all those pizza ingredients together. No crust..no pizza. Without crust you just have tomatoes and cheese, which demotes you down to the ingredients of a sauce or stew.

And There Is A Lot Of Pizza Crust

Everyone knows the basic pizza crusts. But for argument sake we are going to start with a classic..the New York Style Traditional crust.

best ocean city pizzaNy Style: The Brick Oven Classic

This is the classic. Traditionally cooked in a coal or wood fired brick oven. Yes, the way we do it here at Mancinis. I am not a pizza snob but there is a reason this the traditional classic style of pizza. Slow ambient heat works through the dough slowly. It crisps the edges but leaves a little moisture in the dough without drying it out. I know I sound like a walking commercial but tasting is believing.

You know this pizza crust when it is in top form. It can be spotted by that air bubble in the crust that is sort of a delicacy for crust lovers. The small black and brown spots sit on the bottom of the crust like a heavenly gourmet camouflage. But the real tell is when you bite it.

A crispy crust with a slight bit of tenderness encompasses every bite…The crust is not just a placeholder for toppings but is part of the pizza treat.

The True Crust Lover

A true crust lover savors that crust. You probably have, or will, come to the conclusion that I love crust and you are right. If the crust is bad, mushy, gummy, doughy, or burnt to a crisp the pizza is is probably going to be mediocre at best. Bad crust with good toppings would be like good deli meat on stale bread. But Americans love pizza so much, they eat it anyway.

Beware Of Imitations And Shortcut Pizza Crusts

Like All good originals, there are lots of short cut pizza crust recipes and machines. You will see these everywhere. From pizza ice crusts in the frozen foods case to machines that produce cookie cutter pizzas on a timer. These pizzas look great in the picture, but they don’t taste like brick oven crust.

Assembly Line Pizza Machine

My favorite is the pizza chain machine that runs frozen dough through an assembly line process on a timer. The result, a caricature of New York style pizza that resembles a brick oven pie, but doesn’t taste like it. And when the machine pizza is not enough, you get what I call distraction crust.

great pizza ocean city mdDistraction Pizza Crust

By distraction crust I mean doing everything to the crust to make up for lack of taste. Not to unlike pouring sauces on marginal meat to make up for lack of quality. They do help but then you are not really getting the flavor of meat, or in this case crust, anymore. Distraction crust comes in the flavor of a sprinkle of cheese or seasonings on the crust. It can get as elaborate as stuffing the crust with cheese, sausage, tomato sauce. And I love the idea…just if it were on brick oven pizza. You shouldn’t have to choose alternate flavors or great crust.

Get The Real Thing…Mancini’s Pizza

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