Pasta conquers the world

Pasta has universal appeal. Considered to have started in China, dough noodles quickly become part of the diet of many cultures as it spread West. No group was more willing to use it as part of a very balanced culinary style then the Italian culture. The idea of Dough noodles of different shapes and sizes fit into the mold of highly flavorful universally appealing Italian dishes. Dishes that would later find their way into restaurants the world over. I would even go as far to say as pasta to Italy was like a duck in water in terms of how successful the marriage of the style of food was to the culture, of course hindsight is 20/20.

Pasta Conquest

I jokingly say that pasta conquered the world. They say historically there are some cultures that have had world domination military or political dominance. Usually this would occur in a period of time in history and in many cases they were technologically advanced. A pasta conquest doesn’t sound quite as demonstrative but it still dominates our palettes.

I saw an article by the BBC that called Pasta the world’s favorite food. And I can understand why.. since you can use it for an infinite number of dishes.Playfully I found a little evidence to talk about how popular pasta really is. Another historical note that comes to mind is the fact that Thomas Jefferson enjoyed pasta when he was in Europe. So when he came to America he sent for some from The Old World.

Another example of the popularity of pasta is the sheer number of places that offer it. Many restaurants that aren’t even Italian places have an Italian dish on the menu because of its popularity. You see spaghetti and meatballs on most menus everywhere. You see Italian pasta dishes in in the frozen food section of just about every grocery store since these dishes have a strong appeal.

No conquering the frozen fruit sections of food line isn’t quite as glamorous as conquering mainland Europe. But the impact is clear. It seems that we can’t get enough spaghetti, pasta, or pizza.



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