Picking The Best Tomatoes

The biggest staple of Italian cuisine is the tomato. Obviously selecting the right tomato is going to have a big impact on the food. I saw an article about how to choose a tomato and decided to put together a few simple pointers so when you pick out your tomatoes do you know what to look for. Naturally the best way to select tomatoes is to let us do it by eating our food but that may not be very practical to come to Mancini’s every night.. though extremely appetizing.

Ripe And Firm

Look for tomatoes that are deeply colored and firm. Avoid wrinkles or blemishes in the tomatoes. The tomatoes should have a nice earthy smell to them. Failure to pick good tomatoes can mean a flavorless fruit. This will impact that perfect lasagna you are cooking up since flat tomatoes will impart no flavor. And of food has no flavor, what is the point.

italian foodFinding the best tomatoes

Take the mystery out of buying anything by getting as close to the source as you possibly can. When I say the source I mean the actual farm. Farmers markets are buying from an actual farm which is a great way to ensure that you’re going to get farm to table quality food. There is no faking this which, is why it may require a little more research than just running down to the local grocery store and getting whatever they give you. It will, however,make a big difference.


Picking through to find the right tomato and sourcing from local farms is not all that easy. This is why we do it for you. Come taste the difference of what dishes made with fresh tomatoes can mean to the taste of your food.
Come sample our great Italian dishes and brick oven pizza while enjoy flavorful tomatoes with every bite.


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