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The King Of Italian Appetizers

Great Italian Food Means Attention To Detail


If you look over our menu you will see a plethora of different flavors and dishes. Like all gourmet Italian cooking, there is no detail too miniscule or area where you can go with any that is not farm to table fresh. And no detail or dish is too small. Even something like appetizers requires intense attention to detail to produce something that someone will go out of their way to order, knowing that a gigantic main dish order is on its way.


One Italian appetizer that requires detail is Bruschetta. While some may see it is just a pre meal tide me over, it has enormous popularity. It also requires a lot of different things to make sure that every bite is a taste explosion like at Mancinis.



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For those who (gulp) haven’t tried it bruschetta is essentially small pieces of toasted bread covered in garlic, and olive oil. They are then topped with tomatoes, basil, and anything a great Italian Chef wants to ad. At Manicinis Italian restaurant we offer it in a myriad of ways including with:


  • Crabmeat
  •  Tomatoes
  •  Mozzarella
  • Roast Peppers
  •  Pesto
  •  Basil

But It Is All About The Bread

But don’t overlook that bread. The bread has be to crispy on the outside but have a pliable consistency in the middle, to add balance to the dish. In Italy a special cooking implement called a Brustolina is used. It is a mini grill attachment that goes over a burner. It helps to evenly distribute the heat throughout the bread to make sure it is the perfect combination of firm and soft with no one section under or overcooked. Definitely a lot of detail for a small piece of bread being used as an appetizer.


The Origin Of This Great Italian Dish

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Sources show this dish probably dates back to the Roman Empire. This is not that surprising. Toasted bread with topping is one of those inevitable dishes that was probably discovered very early in man’s development. What makes this dish so delicious is the fact that so much detail is put into making sure the bread has the perfect consistency. Additionally fresh toppings burst with flavor against the backdrop of extra virgin olive oil and this crispy bread.


The Ocean City Italian Spin


There are two tastes no one can seem to be get enough of…seafood and Italian. You will see these two beloved cooking styles on thousands of menus all across the country. By themselves, they are delicious. So any chance to put them together is going to offer an out of this world taste. Thus we offerFresh Chesapeake Bay Crabmeat to our Bruschetta.


Now the fun part. Come To Mancini’s and try it for yourself!

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